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Word hoofdpartner van Lars - Lars is nog steeds op zoek naar een vaste partner en sponsor die hem kan ondersteunen in al zijn taken waardoor hij zich kan focussen op het open water zwemmen

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I am always in search for new partners. For you it can be a great oppertunity where we can do beautifull things for each other. Do you think you can help me forward? Help me reach the Olympic Games of 2024. Together we can make it work. Please reach out to me.

Premium wetsuits of deboer perfomance wetsuits help me achieve my best goals. deboer is my head partner and supports me to the olympic games of 2024 in Paris

deboer supports me

With the best neoprene currently on the market I achieve my best results. deboer offers high-end wetsuits with new technologies such as DuraFlexTM neoprene. Thanks to that, they manage to make wetsuits only 0.3mm thin. With deboer as my partner I know I am one step closer to the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024.

FORM supports Lars Bottelier in his journey to win gold at the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024

FORM supports me

With the help of FORM’s smart swim goggles I can take my training to an even higher level. Thanks to all the metrics and realtime feedback the goggles provide. From now on I have direct feedback during my swim sessions.

Road to Paris 2024 - open water swimmer Lars Bottelier is going for the Olympic Games of 2024 in Paris. He is going full to qualify for the Olympic 10K. Do you follow him through his swim blog? He post news and updates regularly on his personal site about his professional swimming carreer.

Yvonne van Gennip supports me

Thanks to the support of the Yvonne van Gennip Talent Foundation I am able to pursue my goals. The YVGTF supports young talent in their way to the top. That’s why she supported me in my Road to the Summer Olympic Games of Paris 2024.

Maxim Sports Nutrition is partner of professional open water swimmer Lars Bottelier. In his Road to Paris 2024 he is aiming to win a ticket for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games. Follow his blog.

Maxim supports me

The sports drink and energy gells of Maxim are a true win for me. Maxim stands for healthy sports nutrition made of the most high quality natural ingredients. That’s exactly what I search for and need during the most tough races.

Timmit supports me

You are reading my website thanks to Timmit. Timmit supports me from the beginning and is one of my true partners. They are the reason you can follow me so well online.

Woning Welzorg op maat is Lars his new partner. They donated Lars Bottelier a sum and now he is able to continue his swimming carreer. Lars is a talent who hopes to qualify for the Olympics of 2024 in Paris. He enjoys open water swimming the most.

Woning op maat supports me

Welzorg Woning op Maat supports me in my journey to the Olympics of 2024. I am dependent of financial support, so it’s a relief for me that they believe in my Olympic dream as much as I.

Open water swimming club is my - Lars Bottelier- his partner. He reaches him to aim for the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 supports me specializes in products for open water swimming and organises training camps. We help each other during events, training camps and other activities.