deboer wetsuits is my new partner

deboer wetsuit is my new partner. They support me to the Olympic Games of Paris 2024. Follow open water swimmer Lars Bottelier in his olympic journey through his swim blog. Fjörd, Flõh, Ocean wetsuit

I am proud to announce that deboer performance wetsuits and me are now working together. deboer has delivered a huge contribution to the existance of my new adventure in Germany and for that I am gratefull. What is deboer wetsuits? deboer offers premium wetsuits to both open water swimmers and triathletes. The wetsuits stand for … Read more

#StayFit 4: Keep your overall fitness high with cycling

#StayFit 4 - cycling is the perfect alternative training session for open water swimming and swimmers. In this swimming blog open water swimmer Lars explains how he used cycling to stay fit during the corona crisis. It is the perfect work-out as a replacement for the longer cardio work-outs of swimming.

Is has been more than one week now since the swimming pools have opened here in the Netherlands. Finally, I was also able to swim a couple of times. The first conclusion for myself is that I stayed incredible fit in the past 8 weeks that I (almost) couldn’t swim. I must admit that my … Read more

#StayFit 3: Dryland is more important than ever

Lars Bottelier is a professional ultra marathon swimmer - open water training and excercises - gives in this StayFit swim blog series tips about dryland stability, flexiblity and mobility. How can you use this to your advantage as a open water swimmer. Fort instance a better freestyle and front crawl.

Yes! It is time for blog 3 of the #StayFit series. But before I start I must say: I (and probably a lot more swimmers in the Netherlands) am very happy that our government announced a reopening of the swimming pools. This is for both the indoor and outdoor pools. I hope that they come … Read more