Steun Lars en maak het verschil - ondersteun Lars om zijn droom waar te maken - Help Lars naar de Olympische spelen

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Doe mee met de crowd - Steun Lars via crowdfunding en via talentboek - jullie hulp maakt het verschil in zijn Olympische droom

Join the crowd

Do you want to help me achieve my goals? You can join the crowd and support me through my crowdfunding actions. Right now I run my biggest crowdfunding ever: my Road to Paris 2024. Crowdfunding is the most important way that let’s me do what I love to do most: openwaterswimming on the highest level.

Volg Lars in zijn avontuur om naar de Olympische Spelen te gaan - Je helpt en steunt Lars daar onwijs mee

Follow my adventure

Yes you can help me by simply following me. Not only is this a great motivation for me, this is also practical. More followers give my partners more positive exposure. Obviously, that’s very important for both me and them. So, follow me through my blog, on social media and in ‘real-life’.

Ondersteun en steun Lars gratis via Sponsormeter - het is heel makkelijk en gratis en maakt een groot verschil voor Lars

Support Lars for free

There is a way to support me which doesn’t cost you anything. When you shop online a percentage of the purchase amount goes to me. The online store pays and for you it doesn’t cost any extra. Do you want to help me and want to know exactly how it works? Then go to my personal Sponsormeter page.

Doe mee met de clinics, presentaties en andere activiteiten die Lars organiseert - Je maakt het verschil door hieraan deel te nemen - masterclasses

Participate in my activities

Multiple times a year I organize presentations, workshops and help with other activities. I really like to do this and if you join me in these activities you support me a lot. This way I can maintain myself a bit. See it as a good collaboration between you and me. Are you interested in a clinic or workshop? Please reach out to me.

Partners who believe in my Olympic Dream

deboer is my new partner and with the help of him and their brand and neoprene high-end wetsuits I am going to reach the Olympic Games of Paris 2024

Woning Welzorg op Maat steunt Lars Bottelier in zijn carriere om de Olympische Spelen te bereiken. Donatie voor zijn zwemblog zwem blog. Lars is topper in het open water zwemmen. Parijs 2024
Logo YVGTF - Yvonne van Gennip Talent Foundation - partner of open water swimmer Lars Bottelier - Swim Blog Lars Bottelier. Lars is the best open water swimmer currently in the Netherlands. Follow him for tips and tricks about swimming and specific open water.
This is the logo of Maxim - Maxim sports nutrition is partner of professional open water swimmer Lars Bottelier. Follow his swim blog and Road to Paris 2024.
Lars Bottelier en Virtuoos werken samen om de top van het open water zwemmen te bereiken topsport