deboer wetsuits is my new partner

I am proud to announce that deboer performance wetsuits and me are now working together. deboer has delivered a huge contribution to the existance of my new adventure in Germany and for that I am gratefull.

What is deboer wetsuits?

deboer offers premium wetsuits to both open water swimmers and triathletes. The wetsuits stand for high-quality.. The most high-end suits of deboer are: the Flõh 1.0 and the Fjord 1.0. Both wetsuits are very fast thanks to the WhaleSkinTM technology. This gives the neoprene of the suits 18,3% more surface compared to regular neoprene. Besides that, the Fjord 1.0 is very thin compared to suits of other brands: something I value much. The Flõh 1.0 is better suited for cold water races, because it offers more neoprene than the Fjord 1.0. Nevertheless, the Flõh 1.0 is also very flexibel.

I am very happy with our partnership

Thanks to deboer I have access to the best wetsuits on the market. I like them very much. Especially the flexibility behind the Fjord 1.0 is truly amazing. That is made of ultra thin (0.3mm) neoprene around the arm and shoulders. The special DuraFlexTM neoprene made that possible. Now I can use my full range of motion and profit of that while swimming in a deboer wetsuit. And on top of that I experience better heat regulation which helps me to remain cool during the most tough racing situations.

All set for a good future

We have put some cool items on our joint calender. I look forward to share them with you. Alex and his team make me help chase my dream here in Würzburg, Germany. Last but not least, I am certain that with deboer I am going to reach even better results.

Partners who believe in my Olympic Dream

deboer is my new partner and with the help of him and their brand and neoprene high-end wetsuits I am going to reach the Olympic Games of Paris 2024

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  1. Hi Lars, could you recommend a good swim cap for long open water events please? I’m constantly having to touch my head to readjust the cap so it doesn’t slide off. Sometimes I feel like because of the huge wrinkles the cap is creating more drag than it is reducing. Thanks, Steve


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