FORM Goggles are my new Go-To swim goggles for training

I am proud to announce that FORM Swim and I have partnered up for the upcoming year. FORM Smart Swim Goggles are the first swim goggles that are ‘smart’ and which enables me to bring my training to the next level.

How do the FORM Swim Goggles work

There’s a small computer inside the FORM Goggles. This computer communicates with multiple sensors which measure a lot of data. On top of that, there’s a screen in one of the glasses where a small bit of the collected data can be displayed while I’m swimming. In this way I can get real-time feedback through the glass of my FORM Goggles about my swim training.

FORM Swim Goggles are a set of smart swim goggles who take my training sessions to an even higher level.

Why I am excited about the FORM Goggles

From the first moment I tested the FORM goggles, I was sold. The display inside the goggles works brilliantly. And because there’s the option to adjust the brightness of the screen, it works in every situation both light and dark.

Where FORM is really exceptional is the accuracy of the collected data. There’s various kinds of data that’s collected: interval and split times, strokerate, stroke detection (including drills and medley), heart rate (needs extra accessory) and amount of burned calories. Up until now I’ve never used a tool for swimming that measures swim data on the same high level as FORM does.

Alongside the goggles there’s the FORM app, where I can synchronize all of my swim sessions in. After the sync, I can review all of the data the goggles have collected in a very clear overview. In this way I can see exactly with what heart rate, in what speed and with what efficiency I swam.

There’s also a lot of customisation options available. With the help of different kinds of dashboards I can choose what to display on the screen of my goggles. These dashboards can be set up in the FORM app. This is extremely helpful, because we always have exercises each with a different focus (f.e. technique, efficiency, heart rate focus). For each different focus I have a different dashboard set up. One time I want to see heart rate and another time I want to see my split times. I can switch between dashboards easily with the buttons on the FORM goggles.

The FORM app from where all the swim data is visible and accessible.

FORM Swim is also proud to support me

I am not the only one who got excited from our partnership. Here’s what FORM has to say about our collaboration:

‘We first met Lars Bottelier when he served as the single swim pacemaker for Kristian Blummenfelt when he became the first man to complete a full distance triathlon in under seven hours. We were inspired by Lars’ incredible swimming on that day, and have continued to be inspired by him in each race since – including his 6th place finish at The World Championships. We can’t wait to continue watching Lars go after – and achieve – big goals, and we’ll be there in his goggles all along the way.’

I really appreciate all the help, FORM. I hope this is the start of a long-time collaboration!

Partners who believe in my Olympic Dream

deboer is my new partner and with the help of him and their brand and neoprene high-end wetsuits I am going to reach the Olympic Games of Paris 2024

Woning Welzorg op Maat steunt Lars Bottelier in zijn carriere om de Olympische Spelen te bereiken. Donatie voor zijn zwemblog zwem blog. Lars is topper in het open water zwemmen. Parijs 2024
Logo YVGTF - Yvonne van Gennip Talent Foundation - partner of open water swimmer Lars Bottelier - Swim Blog Lars Bottelier. Lars is the best open water swimmer currently in the Netherlands. Follow him for tips and tricks about swimming and specific open water.
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Lars Bottelier en Virtuoos werken samen om de top van het open water zwemmen te bereiken topsport

4 thoughts on “FORM Goggles are my new Go-To swim goggles for training”

    • Hi Justin, when I was young I used the Swans SRX swim goggles. I really liked them so I kept using those for my races. I like the field of view of the goggles more than other brands. However I don’t see them being used a lot. You can always go for a Speedo or Arena goggles. Some like the goggles with wider and bigger glasses.

      The most important part is the type of glasses in your swim goggles, especially when open water swimming. You don’t want a very dark glass unless you swim on a very bright day. If it’s sunny you want a glass which has more UV protection. Is that something that can help in your decision?

  1. Yes not sure why most people recommend aquasphere kaiman goggles for open water which add so much extra drag when swimming at speed. I picked up a phelps k180 goggle a few months ago but have not tried it in open water yet because it became to cold. It has a heavily tinted lens so may turn out to be not that ideal indoors or outdoors.

  2. Hi Lars, just wondering if you ever noticed a drag reduction with the various goggles you used over the years, as this form goggle seems rather bulky on the side? Arena probably has the lowest profile goggles available but I could never afford those for my purposes. You see, I’m trying to reduce my drag as much as possible because even with weight training and so on I’m not particularly strong or muscular.
    All the best,


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